Yes. In fact every 3DFigurine posted on our website has been made from just a frontal single image. One clear photo is all we need. Please ensure you submit the photo exactly as you want it sculpted. Pay attention to the Body pose/posture, clothing, and facial expression since we will make it identical to what you send to us. Please note that for greater accuracy of sides and back you can provide us with reference shots. If you have these please provide them at the time you place your order and not after all the sculpting has been completed.

Yes. While our artists are highly skilled and very creative at making 3DFigurines from a single photo, if you have more reference images it will help them in making the model as accurate as possible. If you have reference images please send them at the time of order and dont wait to send them later after we have completed all the modelling work as it will result in a significant amount of rework and delay.

Good resolution photo of the front.  If possible & for more accuracy, photos from the side and back.  Also choose our special coating on the checkout for just $10 to make the colors more vibrant.

Yes. We provide each customer with access to our award winning Zpanel preview system. When your model has been sculpted and digitally painted, we will send you a link to see it. You can then approve it to send it to the printer. Should you require minor modifications to the face shape (IE making cheeks larger/smaller etc..) you can type it in and these modification will be made at no cost and a new preview will be posted. *Please note that the preview system is our way to ensure what you receive is exactly what you have approved. There are rules to using the Zpanel preview system outlined when you login to see your preview.

No. The files we prepare and show you on the Zpanel preview are HD and the same resolution as the photo you provide to us. However the technology to print 3DFigurines in full color is limited to 600x540 dpi as it is printed using sandstone powder. This is currently the best option for printing full color 3DFigurines.

If you are interested in higher resolution solid white 3DFigurine prints without any textures or colors, we can do this but the price for such HD printing is much higher.  Contact us for more information about this.

3Dfigurines are a 3D art. Our artists are pulling off something quite remarkable to take a single flat photo and make it look 3D in 360. They imagine the sides and the back of the figurine to make it look as natural and elegant as possible. However it will not resemble identically. They don’t know the person they are sculpting, have never seen them in physical form and are trying to interpret what they look like from the sides and back. Our customers appreciate the art and the skill and effort that goes into designing their 3DFigurines. Its important that the expectations are set. Your 3DFigurine will not be identical like a wax model replica.  It is most certainly subjective. To help make it as close as possible you can provide side and back reference shots.  Please do so at the time of order if you have them and not after all the sculpting work has been completed. Thank you for your understanding on this.

Yes. We have a special Retailer/Reseller program. Click the link above to find out more.

We want you to LOVE your 3DFigurine and we'll do what it takes to ensure you are satisfied.  If for any reason you are not happy with the outcome, please let us know the reason and we will make it right.  We want to be fair to all our customers on how we handle customer service scenarios when they arise.

Here is our policy:
If there is a manufacturer defect on arrival i.e. damaged 3DFigurine or objective (not subjective) flaw:
Send us the photo of the defect within 48 hours of receiving your 3DFigurine. We will confirm the issue and remake your 3DFigurine. You will be required to send the original 3DFigurine back to us to get a replacement

If you are unhappy with your 3DFigurine due to a change of mind - send us the 3DFigurine back. We will refund your order less a 30% customization fee. Please, note that we are unable to restock and use the 3DFigurine and therefore the customization fee simply covers a partial amount of the raw material and designer fee incurred to make your 3DFigurine.
Having said this we are happy to report that in the 15 years we have been in the 3D Photo business, we have settled customer service situations to a 5 star outcome and rating by the shopper.  - Shop with confidence when you purchase from us.